Lynn G. called the meeting to order in tonights town council meeting. Council Present tonight was Ann. B, Les B. Lynn G. and Kelly M.

Jean F. the president of the Society Hill Lions Club announced the towns 9/11 Memorial Service. The service will be held tomorrow September 11 2007 at 8:45am. Several local fire stations and law enforcement units will be present as well as local and regional elected officials. The service will be held at the Society Hill Memorial Park. All are invited to attend.

After a bit of town business, Les B. announced to the town the new Fall Festival for the citizens of the area. This event is titled "Chill on the Hill". The festival will be much like the annual Taste of the Society Hill, but is not intended to replacement the annual Taste. Just in case you're wondering the Taste of Society Hill was postponed until early next year. The "Chill on the Hill" will feature blue grass music and food from 7pm til 9pm, followed by beach music and dancing til midnight. The event will be held on the grounds of the Howell family home located on Pressley Ave. Proceeds will be split between local organizations and events as well as to help with next years event.

Also Carol D. was appointed by the mayor to Chair the "Community" led Catfish Festival. The Festival elected new members last Friday in an emergency meeting. This will be the Festivals 19th year, and it will go on as expected. Carol asked for the support and help of the Community, there were also flyer's issued in tonights meeting to encourage people to volunteer their time to help with the festival. Much praise came with the announcement by Carol D. when she announced that the festival will be moved back to the first weekend in November as it once was. However, the event this year will kick off with the parade at 11am on November 10, 2007.

Rosenwald/St David's Elementary will host their Fall Festival on October 5th. Their school fund raiser will begin September 10th with sales of Worlds Finest candy bars.

A few other announcements were made and the meeting was closed.