In attendance
Carol Davis - Chair
Ann Breckenridge - Co Chair
Kathy Clark - Committee Coordinator
Scott Dixon - Sectary

Lynn Horne
Fannie Johnson
Christy Okeef
Dephorah Harrell
Lola Tice
Valencia S. Brewington
Connell Delaine
Alfreda Williams
Gale Douglas

Sept 17th 2007 Carol Davis opened meeting and reviewed part of the notes from the meeting on Sept 7th..

Carol presented information collected from pass years.. Notes about how much and what was ordered are very unclear. This is an area where we will need to start over at..

Must decide how many we need and where..
Used Sellers last year

Law Enforcement
- We must pay their overtime
- Not sure how much that is
- We have full use of grounds and baseball field
- Fannie will call TA Gandy about parking - we will use that too.

There was talk about how much money was in the bank.
- Currently we have $2600 in the bank.
- We are waiting on a check from the Town of this amount (and maybe more)
- We also have outstanding (un-cashed) vendor checks to cash

We have applied to Columbia for: (Carol Davis)
- We are a charitable organization
- We also have an employee ID Number
- Sent info such as simplified budget..

The date of the Event is
- Nov 10 2007
- And First Weekend in Nov of 2008

Maybe next year we can sell hot dogs as before (Suggestion Made)
$5 of power money from vendors go to the town..

Ann B. Co-chair:
They have contacted local papers, internet sources, and TV stations.
- Cross Roads (Cheraw)
- TV 15 and 13
- News and Press
- Hartsville Mess
- Charlotte Burger will do an article for the Chronicle
- PPM will do ad in Florence Morning News.

Got Emails about two children's events..
Science South?
- A free Science event for children
Fun for You Renters
- They are going to send us two proposals and rate

Kathy C. Committee Head
Reported that we have 17 Vendors
Reported that we have sent out 20 more applications
Reported on Entertainment:
They had a DJ in mind from Florence
They have lots of requests from local talent

5k Run/Walk ( Carol D. )
They have sent out applications
Pretty slow to get them back.
They have posted this event on many sites

Dinner Plates.. (Sub Contract)
Society Hill COG has deicide not to do this
We need another group to step up to do this..
** The Sub Contracted Group will be randomly selected by the committee
(Those interested must meet the following criteria – set by the Committee)
Non-profit, Non-business,
Organization for the Community
Not an Individual.
Must be local group that will benefit the people of the town.
(Any church or Community Based organization is welcome apply)
** The "Sub Contract Group" will:
Pay for all supplies which may include but not limited to:
( paper goods, cups, drinks, fish, Green Beans, Slaw, Oil, gas ext. )
The Committee will provide a space, the tent, pots, and cookers.
They must comply to state food prep guidelines.
Pay 10% of it's gross sales to the Catfish Committee
** The Committee will decide at the next meeting who will qualify and be selected for the contract..

Catfish Stew
Mr. Courtney Stokes will cook again this year as in the past years
The Committee will provide all the ingredients, paper goods
This year the committee may only sale this in "bulk" quantities with rice.

Parade (Scott Dixon, Gale Douglas, Connell Delaine)
We need the List from last year, Carol didn't have this in her books..
We plan to send out applications to all who entered last year
Need to move the line up due to SCDOT
Proposed to use Welsh Neck parsonage grounds, Carolina Bank, Burns St. And the Exxon..
Next year we will add an entry Fee and charge more for commercial floats
The Parade committee needs to discuss the "drop off" plan for the end of the parade..
Mr. Delaine will help organize the Schools, Bands, and ROTC
We have already contacted Kirby Floats for this year.. ( Need to start showing them off )

Food Vendors 12X12 - $75 - $5 Electrical Hookup
Craft Vendors 12X12 - $50
Proposed to add Business to the Vendor list for extra $$
We need a committed head
Deborah Harrell, Valencia B. Will help as well as Tracy O when possible

Headed up by Zenobia and Valencia B.
Valencia will bring a report back for the next meeting for the both of them..
We voted to do 50/50 raffle
Fannie will donate tickets

Car Show:
Tom will help but will not be present the day of the event
Lola and Fannie will help in this area to setup and contact people of the event
Ann will make an updated flyer
We will not have 16 categories we need to move that number down to 3/4
We should ask Tom about the needed categories
Some flyer's will be put out by Kathy and maybe others
Need to send out applications soon..

Keep the logo
Find out where the money is and how much
Find out how many more are left
Do a new shirt for next year with the date

How old - What is the Year of the event??
Some say 19th
Some say 21st
Not sure

Next Meeting Monday 24th 2007 5:30pm Town Hall

Other Items of Interest - Things to do
Fannie - Check on parking
Connell - Check with Bands, Schools and Cooking?
Scott - Line up and drop off, Send out Parade Applications
Valencia - Work with Zenobia on getting a report on Donations
Carol - Vendor List and Layout
Lynn - Vendors