5:30 pm Carol Called meeting into order

Permit for parade sent off 9/25
Motion to block off From Scottd's drive way on 52.
Traffic Control - Can Rescue Squad and Fire help?

Most post signs for:
No Toy Guns
No Animals
No Concealed Weapons

Discussed Police Protection
Several will be on duty

Someone Dressed up to give out candy instead of thowing it..

Mayor will not be able to attend Car show..
No Car Show.
Motion Carried by table..

Needs our Mailing Address
sent Specs to DHEC
Buddy Plummer..

Discussed Treasure report.
Trying to budget for next week
Postage for Becky.

Zenobia's Report
No Donations
Will try to get together to help get donations.
Will work on donation letter

Link Radio Station $300 3 weeks
No radio
News Press/Flo Mo/Hville Messenger

Inflatables - Next week.

Lisa Hudson will MC

Fried Catfish - Bethesda Church
1000lbs Catfish
Brotherhood of the Church
Youth and Community Projects

Mr. Gandy Says yes to parking.

Festival will provide seating for visitors eating..